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DP and DS Series
Hydro-Chek Downflow
Coarse Bubble Diffusers

Hydro-Chek Coarse Bubble Diffusers are the result of years of extensive research and development. They combine a simplicity of design with quality construction to provide efficient, economical, trouble-free continuous gas diffusion. The DP Series diffuser utilizes plastic for the diffuser body while the DS Series is constructed of stainless steel.
The Hydro-Chek Diffuser has a patented “downflow” mushroom-shaped design. It utilizes a simple circular pattern of orifices to produce coarse bubbles which take the form of a plume when the bubbles are discharged. The bubbles then pass through the liquid and rise to the surface in a constant stream providing gas transfer. A flexible diaphragm is positioned over the top of the entire diffuser covering the orifices. The diaphragm of the diffuser becomes extended when gas is flowing - thus allowing it to flow from the orifices and form coarse bubbles. The diaphragm is held in place over the orifices on the diffuser body with two piece locking retainer ring. When gas is not flowing, the diaphragm retracts and seats itself over the orifices with pressure generated from liquid in the aeration tank. This design feature acts as a check valve when the diffuser is not aerating. Thus the backflow of liquid to the gas distribution system is prevented.
The downflow design on the Hydro-Chek Diffuser eliminates problems associated with sediment formation in the orifices. Particulate matter will settle away from the diffuser because of the downflow configuration - thus minimizing the chances of clogging. It also maximizes the shearing effect on the bubbles as they emerge from the orifices and float upward away from the perimeter of the diffuser forming a plume around the diffuser. These diffusers operate effectively at a wide range of air flows up to 12 CFM.

Orifices which are located in the flexible diaphragm on some competitive models are subject to performance robbing strains, fatigue, and ultimately failure. The orifices of the Hydro-Chek Diffuser are located in the rigid structure of the diffuser body elimination this problem. The Hydro-Chek Diffuser bodies are available in the two materials of construction - molded plastic and stainless steel. The DP Series diffuser body is made of molded acetal plastic which is impact resistant and non-corroding. It resists fouling by algae or other foreign materials. For use in hostile environments, the DS Series of diffuser bodies are constructed of type 304 or 316 series stainless steel. Not only do they provide outstanding durability, but they are resistant to chemical attack. The diffuser bodies are available with 3/8” or 3/4” NPT threads, depending on model and size.

The air check diaphragm of the diffuser is molded of an EPDM elastomeric which is flexible, resilient and resists both fatigue and chemical attack. Because of its excellent flexibility characteristics it provides positive sealing action when the diffuser is not operating. Typical applications for the Hydro-Chek Coarse Bubble Diffuser include:

  • pre-aeration and aeration chambers
  • digesters
  • channels
  • package wastewater treatment plants
  • post-aeration structures
  • sludge holding tanks
  • low pressure equalization applications
  • check value blow off pipes on aeration system

The DS-38 diffuser (left) provides a flow range of .5 to 3 CFM,
while on the right, the DS-75 produces a 3 to 12 CFM range.

DP-38 3/8" 2 1/2" 1 9/16" .5-3
DS-38 3/8" 2 1/2" 1 9/16" .5-3
DS-75 3/4" 4" 2 1/16"


DS-75 3/4" 4" 2 1/16" 3-12

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