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Other Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. Capabilities & Products

  • Complete Aeration Systems
  • Fiberglass and Stainless Steel Pipe Stands
  • Aeration Piping Kits, Diffuser, and Blowers for Easy to Install Smaller Applications
  • Blower/Motor Packages 22-320 CFM and Larger
  • Fiberglass Blower Bases and Enclosures
  • Aeration Pressure Relief and Check Valves
  • Wide Pattern Spray Nozzles for Foam Control
  • Tertiary Filter Underdrain Nozzles

Application Engineering

The selection of the proper diffuser and header configuration is important for the successful installation of an aeration system. Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. offers its customers years of experience in the sizing, selection and installation of gas-to-liquid diffusion systems used in water and wastewater treatment applications. Whether it is a simple aeration basin for the treatment of wastewater or a complex ozone diffusion system - Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. can provide the answer.

Systems Capabilities

Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. can provide complete blower packages and gas diffuser distribution assemblies. The gas diffuser distribution assemblies include the diffuser drop, manifolds, and headers. Field erection of gas distribution systems is made simple with modular design and fabrication assemblies.

Special Design and Diffuser Applications

The design requirements of diffusers in specialized applications may necessitate a modification to any of the gas diffusers offered by Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. Our Application Engineering Department is prepared to work with clients in finding the solutions to these unique problems. We can recommend which modifications will provide the optimum service for these special applications.

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DGT state-of-the-art Application Engineering Department provides answers to diffusion problems.

Completely pre-engineered and pre-assembled blower/motor units in weather-proof enclosures up to 320 CFM and larger are available.

Special design and application situations are nothing new to DGT engineers. They will find cost-effective solutions to the customerís unique problems.

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