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Ceramic Fine
Bubble Diffusers

The Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. Ceramic Fine Bubble Diffusers were developed for use in environments which require the delivery of fine gas bubbles in extreme duty applications. Ceramic fine bubbles diffusers have consistently delivered the highest gas transfer rates of any type of diffuser devices available. The relatively small bubble produced by these diffusers provide an extremely high gas to liquid interface per CFM of gas supplied. This ratio coupled with an increase in contact time due to the slower rise rate of the fine bubbles

accounts for high gas transfer rate. The matrix pore structure of the ceramic element which creates the fine bubble is permanently formed and will provide consistent high performance under non-stop operating conditions. Because the pore structure of the diffuser is made of durable ceramic material it will not shrink, stretch or tear.
Ceramic Fine Bubble Diffusers provide extremely high gas-to-liquid interface per CFM of gas supplied.

Typical applications for Ceramic Diffusers include:

  • aeration basins
  • post-aeration
  • industrial pretreatment/
    conditioning tanks
  • ozone diffusion in potable water
  • ozone treatment of landfill
    leachate and industrial wastes
  • floc agglomeration
  • recarbonation
  • gas diffusion
  • groundwater remediation
  • voc stripping

FBP and FBS Series
Ceramic Dome Fine
Bubble Diffusers

The FBP/FBS Series Ceramic Dome Fine Bubble Diffuser is a simple design with no moving parts and superior gas transfer characteristics. The diffuser consists of two major components---the porous aluminum oxide dome and the diffuser base with a threaded fitting connecting to the gas source. The bases are available in plastic and stainless materials of construction. The entire assembly is joined with a stainless steel bolt and washer for ease of assembly and accessibility if maintenance is required. Both types of bases are supplied with a 3/4 NPT nipple for easy mounting in a gas header assembly in new or retrofit applications. The Ceramic Dome diffuser functions with the gas being introduced between the dome and its base. The gas permeates throughout the porous labyrinth of the dome and migrates through the minute passages of the dense ceramic

matrix structure. The gas reaches the surface of the dome and creates a surface tension between the gas and liquid on the outer surface of the ceramic dome. Once the surface tension is overcome, a minute bubble is formed. This small bubble then rises through the liquid forming an interface for transfer between gas and liquid before reaching the surface of the liquid level in the treatment basin. Because of the overall shape of the diffuser, a plume of gas bubbles is created which is constantly rising to the surface providing a large treatment zone. The Ceramic Dome Diffuser operates with flow ranges up to 2 CFM. Various porosity domes are available to provide the gas transfer rate required for the application.
The ceramic dome is comprised of duty efficient material which provides uniform permeability for bubble formation as well strength and resistance to wear for a long service life. The dome nests in a base which can be supplied in either high density ABS plastic (FBP Series Diffusers) for durable corrosion free operation or in 304 L stainless steel (FBS Series Diffusers) for applications where the operating environment may be hostile. For use in ozone applications the base is supplied in 316 series stainless steel.
The mating surfaces of the FBP Series ceramic dome and base have a EPDM gasket which assures the consistent flow of gas throughout the diffuser. The FBS Series diffusers can utilize a hypalon, viton or other gasket which is compatable with special applications such as ozone diffusion. Other gasketing materials are also available to meet the specialized needs of the customer.



FBP-775 3/4" 7 1/2" 3 9/16" .5-2
FBS-775 3/4" 7 1/2" 3 9/16" .5-2

The series of photos above show the varing sizes of bubble producces by the different porosities of
FBP/FBS Series Ceramic Dome Fine Bubble Diffusers Which are available.

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