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SS Series Plenum Coarse Bubble Diffusers
The SS Series Plenum Coarse Bubble Diffuser is designed for use in applications which require the delivery of higher CFM rates. Simplicity of design also makes the SS Series diffuser a cost effective alternative to other forms of coarse bubble diffusion. Its unitized design and construction has no moving parts to wear out or shake loose. These design and operational features assure trouble-free operation. The operating principle of the SS Series Plenum Diffuser is simple. It is a basic rectangular chamber with parallel groups of orifices of two different diameters located on both sides of it.

The holes are defined on three horizontal planes located lengthwise on the sides of the diffuser plenum. Gas is introduced to the plenum chamber from one end and fills it to the point where is displacing the water it assures the measured flow of gas from the orifices located in the walls of the diffuser. The volume of gas pressure which is supplied through the diffuser over the head pressure created by the fill level in the tank determines how many planes of the orifices are utilized to produce bubbles. Slight variations in the Delta”P” (loss of head) between the interior and the exterior plenum chamber determine the quantity of gas bubble created for gas transfer. The higher the gas volume, the

The SS Series Plenum Diffuser has no moving parts to wear out or shake loose.
It can deliver gas flows up to 50 CFM making it suitable for numerous applications.

SS-1 3/4" 12" 3 5/8" 2 1/8" 2-25
SS-2 3/4" 24" 3 5/8" 2 1/8" 5-50

greater the number of orifices which are used in the diffuser. When higher numbers of orifices are used it results in a higher degree of the gas transfer taking place. The lower the volume of gas flow results in fewer horizontal groups of orifices being used with subsequently lower oxygen transfer taking place. Regardless of the flow rate used, the distribution of the gas from any given plane of orifices is even and consistent. Since the SS Series diffuser has a rectangular shape, the mass of coarse air bubbles being produced form a curtain. The SS Series Plenum Coarse Bubble Diffuser can deliver gas flows up to CFM making them suitable for numerous applications. The construction of the SS Series Plenum Diffuser is comprised of a formed 304 L or 316L stainless steel body with a cast end plate with a threaded fitting. The cast fitting end plate provides rigid support and vibration resistant strength for the unit. The diffuser chamber features an open bottom allowing solids to settle out thus preventing them from becoming entrapped in the diffuser. Entrapped solids have the potential of fouling the diffuser or wearing it out prematurely due to an abrasive scouring action which would take place. Costly plant shut downs for diffuser cleaning are unnecessary. Progressive pressure build up due to clogging of the diffuser and the accompanying energy increases from restricted air flow is eliminated. Mounting of the diffuser is made simple with 3/4” NPT male threads. The diffusers are easy to install in new and retrofit applications.
Typical applications for the SS Series Plenum Coarse Bubble Diffuser include:

  • aeration tank
  • post-aeration tanks
  • digesters
  • channels
  • nitrification tanks
  • grit tanks lagoons
  • VDR (variable depth reactor)
  • sludge conditionina tanks
  • SBR (sequencing batch reactor)
  • diffusion of scrubber gases

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